Digital Art

I've done plenty of digital art over the years. Nowadays it's mainly produced for Web sites; menus, buttons, logos, and so on, but I do enjoy creating the occasional scene.

When creating Web buttons there is often the need for the "onMouseOver" event (to simulate movement when the mouse cursor passes over the button) and including a 'drop-shadow' often amplifies this effect superbly. Let me know if you want some unique buttons or logos created.



Highland & Steven

Two digital images created for Page Six magazine. This was in the early days of digital art when the "cutting-edge" resolution and colour palette in 1985 (160x192 and FOUR colours) were very limiting and stretched the artists' capability enormously.

Highland featured in Issue 14, April 1985 and was drawn freehand entirely from my imagination.

Steven was created in Issue 20, Mar/Apr 1986, of my nephew who was aged about nine at the time. The Atari Touch Tablet featured a transparent overlay so it was useful for transposing the outline of photographs, and this was the technique used.

Equipment used: Atari 800XL, Touch Tablet with associated software, 1050XL 5¼" disk drive. Ah, those were the days...

Page 6See Paul Rixon's retro look at the late, great Page 6 magazine!





Click on the images to open up a larger version with accompanying text.

Hazy Daze

Many digital images are now produced using Bryce - a brilliant 3D modelling and rendering program.

The first I produced for a magazine cover and is called Hazy Daze. The wine glass, bottle and candlestick were produced as 3D models in TurboCAD:


Hazy Daze
Hazy Daze


Sort of inspired by Mark Garlick's renders of space scenes. A setting sun with two moons and alien fronds in the foreground.
Many of the better ones I created just for the hell of it!
I can see you...

The inevitable pencil. With a name like David P.Encill you just have to flaunt it!

The image below gives you an idea of the detail.

  Produced for a program I was involved with. See the SabreTech site (which I also developed and produced).
Odds 'n Sods  
A photograph I created. This was for my Web site when I produced and distributed a video digitiser called 'Exposé'. It was taken using a video camera and used the Exposé board to digitise itself in action!
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