Water, Acrylic & Oil Paintings

Many of my paintings follow a similar theme; a watercolour wash for the sky and foreground, with dead-black contrast using Indian ink for the foreground object, where much of the detail lies. I will soon be branching out into acrylics.

I also did one painting of a Lancaster Bomber back in the early 70s (or was it the late 60s!), but this was filched from a book cover (seem to remember it was Strike Hard, Strike Sure by Len Deighton), so it's really only a copy of someone elses original.

As for the landscapes, most are taken from photographs - in fact I'll be honest they mostly come from Greeting cards!

Unfortunately, as I didn't want to dismount them from their frames, a little flash bounce is evident (I used a paint program to scrub most of it away).



The Lancaster Bomber painting produced sometime around 1970 and is the first picture I really did, apart from those submitted for my Art 'O' Level. As mentioned, not an original as it was filched from a book cover.

Approx. 9"x14" (22x35cm)


Lancaster Bomber

This is the only decent one from the 70s.



I decided to complement this with a similar painting, but with a predominantly red background and the "weed" in the opposite direction. Feb. 1988.

Now I just need to produce a blue one...



The next painting was produced two months later, in April 1988. Measures 24"x20" (~ 60x50cm). I had to photo the painting as it's too big for my A4 scanner - in fact it's too big for an A3 scanner as well!


The next was produced for a friend's 50th birthday, a view of Poole harbour in Dorset. I reckon this is my best work.

16"x12" (~ 40x30cm)


After seeing a rather striking photo, I decided to paint it. Unfortunately I was not terribly impressed with the result and intend to do some more work on the trees, which look rather artificial. I was quite pleased with the foreground figure though, and how I got the folds in the shirt to look, erm, like folds? ;-)

10"x8" (25x20)


Very much "work in progress". This is a plant (rather than a weed) from the thistle family called a Globe Thistle (Echinops ritro), which my mother has in her garden. Thanks to cousin Jennifer for identifying it.

Before adding the paint I decided to scan it just in case it didn't work according to plan :-)

Currently on A4 paper, but may come down to 11" x 7" (28x18cm) depending on whether anything else is included.


Painting of a Zebra munching on the savanna. This was taken from a photograph taken by my old friend, Bob Bogie while on holiday in South Africa. His sister Joyce asked me to do it (who also has the painting of Poole harbour - above).

Created as a watercolour, with the zebra drawn using "Aqua" pencils with a light wash applied. Aqua pencils also used to enhance the watercolour wash.

10"x8" (25x20). 23rd May 2002


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