Pastel Art

A recently used media that offers more possibilities - particularly when feathering edges, like the fur around the muzzle of the Lioness (below).



LionessFirst time I've produced a drawing on black paper and was quite pleased with the result. This thumbnail needed to be a little bit larger as the definition at the usual size was not good enough.

The media used were sanguine, sepia and white pastel pencils from Bruynzeel. Quite a soft lead, so it was easy to achieve the "furry" effect around the muzzle.

14" x 14" (35x35). May 10th 2002



LionessFollowing on from the Lioness (above) I decided on her mate! Slightly different as I found when "fixing" the Lioness picture, the colours darkened rather too much! This meant brightening this drawing to compensate. The same pastel pencils were used.

14" x 14" (35x35). May 12th 2002


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