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Pencil Portraits

Many portraits included here. I first started with members of the family and graduated to famous people - sometimes because of respect, others because I enjoyed the challenge and occasionally due to a very interesting face (like Mance Lipscomb).


Ryan O'Doherty

This is drawn from a photo I took of my great-nephew, Ryan, who was only two days old at the time (yes, he did have that much hair when born!)

8" x 6" (20x15) June 14th 2001


Rebecca Encill

Decided it was only fair to include my great-nieces, so here's one of Rebecca, the cheeky monkey...

8" x 6" (20x15) June 30th 2001


Shannon Encill

... and one of Shannon! I reckon this one is the best coloured pencil sketch I've done, but she was fascinated by her tongue so this was the best photo I had to work from!

8" x 6" (20x15) July 1st 2001



I was really pleased with this one. A publicity shot of Mel Gibson for the film, The Patriot.

10" x 8" (25x20) August 2nd 2001

Mel Gibson

Mance Lipscomb

Hot on the heels is this one of Mance Lipscomb, a blues singer-guitarist. I'd never heard of him before, but he had such an expressive face with plenty of wrinkles and lines - really lived in.

10" x 8" (25x20) August 3rd 2001
- revamped May 17th 2002, to increase contrast


Mance Lipscomb

The Inimitable Olly

Oliver Reed - young and oldI decided to do a two-part drawing as a tribute to Oliver Reed, who died in 2001 during the shooting of the film "Gladiator".

This shows him as a younger man alongside his elder persona. It is intended to use a card mount to divide the two images. I'm not convinced that the beard is completely right so may do more work on this.

12" x 6" (30x15). August 8th 2001


John Lee "Boom, Boom" Hooker

Mixed media drawing of the late John Lee Hooker, using ink and pencils. I was pleased with the way this one turned out, particularly as I wasn't sure how well the ink would merge with a 6B pencil (the darkest I have). But it worked very well!

10" x 8" (25x20). August 10th 2001

John Lee Hooker


Another mixed media drawing using inks and pencils. Albert Einstein had a fascinating face with his large, doeful eyes and wild, white hair - which was a real pain to do and I eventually settled on a black background to highlight it. Larger than my normal portraits.

14" x 11" (35x27.5). August 19th 2001


The Ultimate Clowns [1]

Took me an age to finish this, but I'm a great fan of Laurel and Hardy and consider them to be the ultimate exponents of the comedial art - oh, they're just funny :-)

Passed this over to my uncle and aunt as a "thank you" for "putting up with me" whenever I pay a visit!

8" x 6" (20x15). November 26th 2001


Laurel & Hardy

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man

Although I can't claim to be his greatest fan, it's surprising how many of his songs permeate into our lives. Sometimes he is just credited as the songwriter, but his influence is far wider reaching than most consider...

Anyway, with Richard being such a devoted Dylan fan, I decided to produce this for his 50th birthday.

10" x 8" (25x20). May 21st 2001


Bob Dylan

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