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Pencil Wildlife

A good proportion of my work is using coloured pencils. This crosses the media boundary when a wash is applied, but when originally generated from the use of crayons or pencils, I consider them sketches as opposed to paintings.

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Biro Work?
Yup, just goes to show what you can do with a biro...

I sketched (biroed?) the image of a Harpy Eagle claw (right) and an Osprey claw (left) from a book when I was a teenager.

Golden EagleYet more biro work done at around the same time...

The paper (really cheap stuff) has yellowed (well, more brown actually) through age so I had to correct the scanned image somewhat, although I did like the sepia tint. Produced at around the same time as the claws, above.


Above: Golden Eagle
Right: Maori Parrotbill
Left: Australca

Maori Parrotbill




Pilot Whales

A tiny A6 (15x10.5) study of Pilot Whales produced as a "thank you" gift to my cousin, Jennifer.

June 10th 2001


Pilot Whales


A quite difficult commission for Sarah Mayhew as a present to her partner on his birthday.

Rosie's fur featured a very complex texture that had to be resolved in black and white whereas, in actual fact, it was a mixture of black, white and shades of brown.

But the subject matter was fascinating with the yawn photographed at just the right moment - you could say this was one of a cat's most typical poses (the others being fast asleep or eating!).

8" x 10" (20x25). July 14th 2003




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