Ever wanted your prized photo transformed into a superb, one-of-a-kind original artwork?

It can be from a photo of a relative, sports person or scene, film star or a favourite wildlife photo!

... Anyone or Anything, from only £45*



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How much is £45?
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Take this image of Rebecca, my great-niece (NO, I don't think of myself as being that old!).

This took around eight hours to complete (I am very particular) and while I would only charge £45.00 (representing a mere £5.62 per hour), I do this because my technique is improving (therefore my speed) and I find it extremely theraputic.



The smallest size is 8" x 6" (20cm x 15cm) up to 16" x 12" (40cm x 30cm). Any drawing can be portrait or landscape format as desired.

In reality any other size can be contemplated up to A3, but the larger the drawing becomes, the higher the price! Please call for prices on a size larger than A3.

All of the sizes conform to standard picture frame sizes.



Blemishes can be removed if required; scars, birth-marks, moles, etc., but clear instructions must be given. If possible, send a print of the photograph (or a tracing paper overlay) indicating the adjustments to be made.



The quality of the photo is important. If it's too distant or the photo is too small, then certain features will be missed and the end result may look inferior.

Photos taken with a flash (unless it's bounced flash) can often lead to a paler, washed-out result, sometimes lacking in important detail.

A close-up will naturally give the best result and any studio photo should be ideal. But... you don't even need to include all of the head - take a look at the photo of Oliver Reed (right) that has now been produced. Only a portion of the head is visible, capturing the mood perfectly and revealing much closer detail.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission due to the photo being inferior or if there is a likelihood of contravening copyright protection.

As for the quality of the finished product, take a close look at this drawing of Shannon and note the detail to the strap of her bib.


Oliver Reed

Shannon, detail work

Finally got to the nub of the matter! For your interest, the price is not calculated by the surface area covered, as it would be much higher than expected. This means you get better value for money when the size is larger.


Size (in.)


Size (cm.)


UK £


(c/w mount)

6.00 (10x8)
7.50 (12x10)
10.00 (16x12)
11.00 (17x14)
12.00 (20x16)


Extra charges
Including the background (normally omitted)
Each additional person in photograph
Postage and Packing - UK recorded delivery (drawing)
Postage and Packing - UK recorded delivery (framed)
Overseas ...




price on application


Chosen at our discretion, unless specified (colour. style, etc.). The frames we use are quality products designed to suit the colour and style of the finished drawing. Price includes the artwork in a card mount, so the framed size is actually much larger (given in brackets, above).

If you would prefer a particular frame, please let me know what type you prefer and if a card mount is required.

If you would prefer to choose your own frame, then please make sure it is supplied at the correct size.



Payment is accepted by cheque or postal order. For overseas orders you can transfer funds directly to my account, so e-mail me for more details.

The finished artwork is always despatched in a strong card envelope (drawing only), or a cardboard box (framed portrait).

We do not accept the displacement of sporting equipment designed with one horizontal and two vertical bars supporting a net, the purpose of which is to retain the spherical object moved around a grass field by two teams of eleven players...

i.e. "Don't move the goal-posts!" :-)

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