We have been designing Web sites since 1994 - when pure Web design was still in its infancy!

Unfortunately, everyone and their granny think they can design Web sites now, but our experience (David also writes for Internet magazines) reveals that everything is not hunky-dory.

Take a look at two of our most advanced sites:


Both these sites use many tricks from our vast armoury. But a flashy site is not the most important factor - it's design and usability. So our base site, created entirely using a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS: apart from one small logo!)), can also be considered.

One crucial point is to ensure that any site we design is fully optimised. The AstroArt site is graphic-heavy and little can be done to reduce the number of the graphics the customer required, but it is still a fast-loading site in comparison to many.

Whether you have a single page site, or a multi-page corporate site, we can tackle the job. Give David a call on 0121-693 6669 or e-mail him.

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